Free 'Introducing Stained Glass' eCourse

'Introducing Stained Glass' is a simple to follow eCourse that answers those nagging questions that stop you trying out this beautiful craft.

You don't need any tools or materials for this course, just enthusiasm!

Stained glass can seem a bit scary and confusing when you have no idea where to start. This eCourse guides you through all the 'big questions' - what tools you need, where you can safely work and how stained glass actually all comes together!

Before you know it, your Stained Glass Corner will be sorted and you'll be raring to get started.

free stained glass course

'Introducing Stained Glass' includes:

  • What you need to get started - a video showing you the tools and materials needed

  • How to create your very own work space - an illustrated eBook 'Creating A Stained Glass Corner'

  • Step by Step Skills - a video showing an overview of each technique

  • What you can make in stained glass - an exploration of the wide range of projects you can make

  • There's even a Fun Quiz... well... just for fun!


And there's more...

You'll get Dazzle, the Everything Stained Glass newsletter that is full of pictures, inspiration and tips.

Dazzle will include:

  • Lots of exciting stained glass images to brighten up your day and inspire you to try new things

  • Design ideas to give you the confidence to start making your own patterns

  • Product reviews that may (or may not!) help you make more beautiful stained glass

  • Information about new techniques with tips for how you can use them in your own glass projects

  • An occasional surprise that may not be strictly about stain glass, but will always be intriguing

I hate it when I sign up for anything and then get bombarded by junk. I promise that Dazzle will only be sent when I have original, valuable and creative items worth sharing.

You can unsubscibe at any time.

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