Pretty Photo Test

Top Line contains thumbnail (or normal image) that calls the gallery up  


to get multiple images delete the thumbnail reference in the code.

Rename each page gallery differently.


Top Line contains thumbnail (or normal image) that calls the gallery up  



add this to get tiltle and caption...

Here's the code for the thumbnail and the larger gallery photo...

<a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[outside]" title="A rare double rainbow ending right at Barth's Bay Villa must surely be an omen of good things to come.><img src="" alt="Exterior Pic #7: A Double Rainbow!" width="183" height="103"></a>

Notice the white text on the black background at the top. That's created by adding the alt attribute in the thumbnail image (in the code above, 9-home-rainbow.jpg).

And notice the black text on the white background at the bottom. That's created by adding the title attribute in the gallery image (in the code above, 9-home-rainbow-lg.jpg).

So you can have what amounts to a headline at the top, and a description at the bottom, of each image in the gallery.




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