How To Make Stained Glass

You can't beat the delight of making beautiful stained glass for your home and family. Iwant to help you learn and develop so that you can delight in light and colour and in the joy creating art from coloured light.

Does that sound too difficult, too daunting? Then come on in, and see how easy it is with a friendly stained glass tutor to help and inspire you.

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decorative soldering video on stained glass butterfly

Add a special 'something' to your gifts with this gorgeous decorative soldered edge.
Are you confident with soldering but looking for a challenge? Then here's a detailed tutorial for you!

circle cutting video
Watch this video to learn how to cut a perfect circle using just a cutter and grozer/breaker pliers.
cutting shapes slideshow
What shapes can you cut in glass? This illustrated slideshow shows you what to avoid and suggests tricks to help with complex shapes.
glass cutting tutorial
Do you know the five ways to cut glass?. Here's an illustrated step by step guide to expand your cutting skills.
soldering iron on solder
Improve your soldering here! With video and close-up photos showing you how to achieve a smoother seam.
a star is born

A Star is Born - learn Stained Glass the 'Milly way'
Do you want to feel proud of your work, creatively fulfilled and feel more confident in your ability to try new things?

Click here to find out more.


dark blue and light purple leaded stained glass

Stained glass transom window by Milly Frances

Find Your Creative Sparkle

Eighteen years ago I was missing a creative sparkle in my life, and it was stained glass that helped me find it. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it and had no clue as to how to make it. So I started simple and small, by making colorful angel sun-catchers.

I didn't have a studio and I didn't have lots of spare time. Nor did I have mountains of expensive equipment. And yet I made stained glass art to be proud of.

Now I'd like to share what I've learnt with you. No, not just share it, but guide you each step of the way, right from the beginning to the very end of each project.

You can choose your level and be sure that you'll get the support you need along the way.
All the boring questions like 'what tools?',' how much shall I buy?', or 'is it safe?' will be taken care of.

And where does this leave you?

Free to start creating beautiful stained glassart for your home and gifts to make your family smile. Nothing beats giving a loved one something you've lovingly made.

So, are you ready for the stained glass sparkle?

To get you started and raring to give stained glass a try, I've written 'Cutting Perfect Curves' just for you. It's a free e-book that shows you how to avoid cutting mistakes by learning from all the costly ones I've made over the years!
You can receive it by signing up for the Everything Stained Glass newsletter, 'Dazzle'. It features:

  • Exciting photos to brighten up your day, make you smile and inspire you to try new things
  • Simple designing tricks to give you the confidence to start creating your very own unique patterns
  • An occasional 'Fresh Focus' surprise that may not be strictly about glass, but will always be fun and interesting

If you think you’d like some of this ongoing sharing of ideas and inspiration, sign up below for The Everything Stained Glass Newsletter and the 'Cutting Perfect Curves' e-book will magically appear in your inbox!

blue and purple stained glass door panel

Stained glass door panels by Milly Frances




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