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These making stained glass instructions focus on the wonderful medieval technique of leaded stained glass. If you want to make a larger panel with strong lines and surface texture, then these Lead Came Tutorials are for you.

This making technique is especially good for external panels that need to be waterproof.

Click Other Tutorials if you want to try other exciting stained glass making techniques. These include applique, fusing and slumping.

Lead Came Tutorials

diagram measuring lead came
1. Measuring for a Window Learn how to measure the opening for your window or door panel accurately. Skip this step if you're making a free-hanging panel.
cactus stained glass pattern
2. Designing or Finding a Pattern See how easy it is to create a design from your favorite photo. Or you can choose a pattern here to get you started quickly.

templates cut for lead came
3. Cutting Templates Make accurate cutting pieces from your pattern with this simple making tutorial. Information on leading shears and why you need a gap between each shape.
cut glass and template piece
4. Glass Cutting These instructions take you through each of the cutting stages in detail. Includes cutting deep curves and using grozing pliers.

With helpful video.
cutting stain glass over table
4a. How To Cut Glass in 5 easy ways. Cut any shape you like after learning these foundation skills. Packed with labeled photos and including a troubleshooting section.
lead came around stain glass
5. Leading a Came Panel Make leading easy with this detailed tutorial. Includes stretching the came and expert troubleshooting tips.
soldering lead came joint
6. Soldering Lead Came Solder your panel together neatly by following this simple making tutorial. With problem-solving answers and video.

black cement on green glass
7. Cementing or Puttying Learn how to make your stained glass panel strong and waterproof by using black cement. Information on cheap brushes and easy ways to clean.
green stained glass on light box
8. Polishing Tutorial Showing the best way to polish your lead came until it sparkles to perfection!


green forest glass applique

Applique Tutorial How to make beautiful stained glass applique panels using leftover cullet. Learn which glues work best, how to grout neatly and clean up easily.


Health and Safety

Everything about making stained glass is dangerous. While I can suggest basic safety considerations (wearing safety glasses, latex gloves and working in a well ventilated space) I can't be there to insist!
I strongly recommend reading the individual manufacturer's instructions and taking their advice.

new VideoSee Milly at work in a video showing her making stained glass for an artistic project. And it is very 'arty'!
I had to have most of the cutting and leading done before the filming, so don't follow this for logical method! It will give you a good idea of how the lead came process works, though. See what you think.





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