About Milly Frances

In case you’re wondering, who am I?

I’m Milly Frances, aka Stained Glass Mil. I’ve been working with stained glass for over eighteen years in many different ways. These include being a student, a tutor and a designer and maker of stained glass windows.
I have my own company, Striking Glass, which specialises in commissioned public art, a Masters degree in Glass and am editor of the Contemporary Glass Society magazine, Glass Network. That’s lots of glass for one lifetime.
Oh, and I'm also a qualified teacher.

Stained Glass Mil

Milly in her studio with her sister's wedding present!

What am I passionate about?

Put simply, I don't want the art of real stained glass to die. I'm 100% committed to sharing my skills and knowledge so that this beautiful craft will survive and thrive for another 900 years :)
I want thousands more people to learn and explore the beauty of stain glass. There's nothing quite like losing yourself in the creative world of color and light...
And the best way to do that? Share my knowledge.

The very first skill you'll need is cutting, so I've started by writing 'Cutting Perfect Curves' just for you. It's a free e-book that shows you how to avoid mistakes by learning from all the costly ones I've made over the years. To receive it, sign up for the Everything Stained Glass newsletter, 'Dazzle'. It features:

- Exciting photos to brighten up your day, make you smile and inspire you to try new things
- Simple designing tricks to give you the confidence to start creating your very own unique patterns
- An occasional 'Fresh Focus' surprise that may not be strictly about glass, but will always be fun and interesting

If you think you’d like some of this ongoing sharing of ideas and inspiration, sign up below for ‘Dazzle’, and the 'Cutting Perfect Curves' e-book will magically appear in your inbox!

And what do I know?

Along my merry way I’ve experimented with hot casting, kiln work, flame working and hot glass. But it is stained glass that continues to inspire me. I’ve tried many techniques to achieve the results I’m looking for; fusing, slumping, acid etching, enamelling, painting, staining, screen-printing and sandblasting to name but a few.

What else motivates me?

There's lots in my glassy life that gives me that lovely adrenalin buzz. Teaching children to design and make glass, seeing a huge commission successfully installed, receiving the glossy hard copy of the Glass Network magazine I've worked hard to edit, being told that my work brightens peoples' working lives... the list goes on.

Not least is the lovely feedback I get for working on this website. I love seeing and hearing about your work, answering questions and adding all the latest news and photos to my Everything Stained Glass Facebook page.

More about Milly at Google+.

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Stained Glass Mil



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