Soldering Lead to Copper Foil

by Caralyne Soares

How do you make the transition from stained glass lead came to copper foil when they join together, because the heights are different?

Milly's answer: Good question, but thankfully not one that is impossible to overcome. You can bend the stained glass lead came to meet the copper foiled section - much the same as you would if you were using high heart lead next to standard lead. Have a look at: Stained Glass Lead for more information.
Happy soldering!

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Solder Not Adhering To Lead Came

by Vicki
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

I am soldering rings to the top of an OLD Stained glass window. The problem is that the stained glass solder will not adhere to the frame. The frame may be lead. I cleaned the frame with a small wire brush, steel wool and I apply flux. But still the solder will not adhere to the frame.

Milly's reply:

Thanks for your question Vicki. When you're soldering on to lead that is old, the lead came picks up a lot of dirt and becomes oxidised which prevents solder sticking to it.
You're doing the correct thing by scrubbing the stained glass lead came with a wire brush, but you might be surprised just how clean the lead has to be. You have to give it some elbow grease and get through the dirt so that it's shiny silver.
It might also be worth checking the tip of your soldering iron too - make sure it's clean (you can do this by wiping it on a wet sponge) and that it is still shiny and silver. If it has dull patches on the tip, it won't get so hot and you may need a new tip.
Hope that helps, and good luck.

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Can I Rescue My Old Project?

by Marge Boulay
(Wayland Massachusetts)

Can I rescue my old project? I have a panel that I just roughly soldered to hold it together on one side and have left the other to do. It is now 6 months I clean it, or put something on the solder or what? Should I brush it? Some green residue has formed on the soldered sides. Do I have to reheat the side I did originally and smooth it out?

Milly's answer: It can be saved, don't worry! Just get a wire brush and get the green off the lead or solder (you don't say if you're leading or copper foiling). Once it's all clean, put the flux on and solder as normal. You can merge the old with the new. If you're not sure about how to do this, you could have a look at my tutorial on soldering here. Hope you manage to rescue it!

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