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And when I say ‘your stain glass windows’, I don’t just mean photos of your finished stained glass art work – although you can see from the gallery below why it’s one of my favourite sections – I mean everything about your stained glass projects and the experience you’ve built up along your merry way…

red and green glass bird… like the questions you need answered when things don’t go according to plan, the tips you’d like to share with other stained glass-artists, the photos of your favourite church stain glass windows, the books you’ve found most helpful, results from a new kiln firing schedule – even your worst glass disaster stories… we want to know about them! I’ve even included a place where you can tell us about other stained glass ‘stuff’ that I don’t even know to ask about…yet.

colourful fused glass treeIt’s very quick and simple to do – and it costs nothing! Before you know it, you’ll have your very own web page to show off to friends and family, and we’ll have a fantastic web resource for stained glass addicts who want to see new work and learn new things.
All you have to do is click on one of the links below, start typing and follow the instructions to add a photo if you have one – and I’ll convert it to a web page for you.


stained glass tree
Having problems with your stained-glass projects? Get expert answers to your questions here.
blue and yellow glass
Your stained glass art work - we want to see it! Here’s where you share your photos and tell us about your panels.
tree panel
Got any top tips or hard-won experience that would make stained-glass projects easier for other visitors? Share knowledge here – remember, it flows both ways!
red and blue glass house
What have I forgotten to ask you? What bits of extra information have you found or learnt during your obsession with stain-glass windows that aren’t mentioned here? I’m sure we need to know!


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