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Copperfoiling Answers

Does Copper Foil Add Size To A Project?
Patina Discoloring
White Mold On Foil

Cutting and Measuring Answers

Measuring Panels Confusing
How To Cut Accurately?
Can I cut this shape?
What Shall I Use For Marking Glass?
Is Cutter's Mate Any Good?
What Material Cuts Glass?

Etching and Sandblasting

Etching Terminology For US Users
How Can I Get Screenprinted Etching Cream Even?
Etch Stencil for Helicopter
Dangers of Etching Acid
What Is Etching Activator
Can you mix paint and sandblasting?
Sandblasting Information Needed
Where Can I Find Someone to Make Sandblasting Stencils?
How To Make Etching Cream?
Making Lantern Translucent
Can etching be done at home?
Acid Disposal

Fusing and Slumping Answers

Materials for Mould Making
Slumping Mold Mix Suggestions
Best reusable mold material?
Mould Mix Suddenly Too Wet
Dichroic Turns Black
Is my Glass Stressed Out?
Easy Slumping Mould Idea
Problem slumping bowls
Glass Sizes on Mould?
Fusing and Slumping on a Budget
Firing Produces Honeycomb Effect
Compatibility Tests For Fusing
Glass Stuck to Mold
Firing Schedule Produces Spikes
Slumping Process - Molds and Glass

Kiln Know-How Questions

What Does Coefficient of Expansion Mean?
Kiln Slow to Cool Down
Paragon Fireluxe Vent
Firing Schedule for Paint and Stain
Can Paragon Kiln Fire Stained Glass?
Can I Fire Glass in my Ceramic Kiln?
Best kiln firing schedule to avoid devitrification?
Is Batt Wash The Same As Kiln Wash?
What Kiln Should I Buy For Painting?
Recycled Window Glass OK for Painting?
Which Kiln For Painting?
Working Out Firing Schedule Using Cones

Lead and Zinc Answers

Cleaning hobby came
Repairing Zinc Came
How to bend zinc came
How To Incorporate Shells into Cabinet Doors
Squaring A Stained Glass Panel
How to Lead Diamond Shapes
Reinforcing Narrow Window Question
Best Outside Lead Profile For Hanging Panel?
Lead Windows - Tight or Loose?
Does Non Lead Hobby Came Need Stretching?
Framing A Circular Panel
Framing Round Projects
How do you support a circle project?
What Width Stained Lead Came To Use For Panel Edge?
Can I Fix Mangled Zinc U Channels?
Where Can I Buy Stained Glass Lead Came in the UK?
Half Rounded Lead or Flat Best?
How To Cut Acute Angles in Lead
Success With Cutting Acute Angles in Lead!

Painting,  Enamelling and Silverstain Answers

Where Can I Buy Enamels that are Compatible with Float ?
Quick Firing For Paint
Kiln Schedule for Firing Glassware Paint
Problems Using a Paragon Kiln for Painting
Firing Pebeo Vitrea 160 Paint
Is it OK to mix silver stain with vinegar?
What do you mix paint with?
What Best to Use for Painting a Scene on Glass
Enamels Compatible With Bullseye
Instructions For Decorating Wine Glasses With Paint
Painting Wine Glasses With Glassline
Tips For Firing Two Layers Of Paint
Why Paint Silver Stain on Reverse Side?
Painting Sandblasted Plexiglass
Kiln Firing Program For Reusche Paint
Firing Schedule for Paint and Stain
Does Stained Glass Paint Have To Be Fired?
Painting Help Needed For A-level Project
Printing With Heraeus Paint
Using Unknown Paint?
Stencilling And Painting Vases
Problems Getting Smooth Painting On Door Panels
How to Prevent Bubbles
Painting on Mirrors
Help With Painting Techniques for Church Commission
How To Paint - Matting
Problems with Paint and Patina
Painting Tutorials for Church Project
Kiln Vent Use When Firing Paints
Avoiding Tinned Side When Painting on Float Glass
Silver Stain Kiln Firing Schedule
Enamel or Paint - Are They The Same?
Advanced Painting Techniques

Soldering Answers

Can I Avoid Patina Discolouring On Panels
What do I solder first?
Dangers of Soldering with Lead
How to Bridge Height Difference When Soldering Lead to Copper Foil
Lace Soldering Project Question
Stained Glass Box Hinge Problem
More Lace Soldering Comments
Can I Rescue My Old Project?
Solder Not Adhering To Lead Came
Lead Free Stained Glass Solder Problem

Tools and Supplies Answers

Tools for Beginners
Where can I buy Reusche paint?
Which Saw Do You Recommend?
Cleaning Gryphon Saw
Drilling Glass Equipment Advice
Egyptian Stain Glass Supplies
Kits for Reproduction Tiffany Lamp
Materials for Starter Kit
Stain Glass Suppliers in Brittany
Which suppliers can I get glass from?

Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Tempering Glass
How is Stained Glass Made?
Texture Glass on Fish Tank
Cleaning Antique Windows

Learning Resources
(books, conferences and courses)

Books To Recommend?
Conferences And Resources?
Stained Glass Repair Course
Stained Glass Courses in UK


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