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New Blog

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of celebrating to get in today... Thanksgiving and the birth of my new blog.

It's transformed into a place where you can join in and comment. Come on over and see me at the Brand New Everything Stained Glass Blog

Image of fabulous stained glass turkey lamp from

What IS this?


Not stained glass I know, but inspirational nevertheless.

Hundreds and hundreds of starlings flying together in one of their amazing murmurations. Taken by photographer Paolo Patrizi, these are truly spectacular.

There's more of his images here if you love them as much as I do.

I'd love to see such a sight. But until then, I can imagine making a stained glass window that somehow captures the movement and shapes. Do you think it's possible?

Photo: Paolo Patrizi

Misty Morning

Cutting Measurement

A gorgeously calm image to take you through the weekend... it's called 'Through The Mist'.

I love the subtlety of the different blues, they really evoke that misty atmosphere of an early morning light. And the fading away into the distance gives the scene a sense of depth.

Anne's use of foil overlay is spectacular. It looks like she's used it on the back of the panel, too (the ghostly trunks on the horizon).

All together a love panel, I hope you agree!

By Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio.


Cappy Thompson

It's that time of year again... well, nearly. Near enough to share this amazing reverse glass painting with you.

It's by the Seattle glass artist Cappy Thompson, and is typical of her style. There's always a mythical quality to her work, and also lots of fun. Her sense of humour is always evident.

This one is called Choir of Angels, and is 21" X 64", so fairly wide. So wide in fact that even the photo is nearly off my web page...

If you like this kind of work and would like to see more, go to Cappy's page here. See you there!





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