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Which Stained Glass Saw Do You Recommend?

Answer: The Taurus 3 Ring Saw is the one I use and recommend. There's 3 main types of stained glass saw - Ring Saws, Band Saws and Wire Saws and they

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Glass Etching Stencils Made Easy

Best glass etching stencils and how to use them. Shows different types and where to buy them.

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3 methods for pricing stained glass

Not sure how much to charge for your masterpiece? One of these methods will be right for you.

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Chagall's designs for stained glass

A stained glass window is only as good as the design… that's why Chagall is so great! These are wonderfully delicate designs - works of art in themselves.

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Artists who paint stained glass

Stained glass painting is having a bit of an upturn in contemporary stained glass. Here's a few to whet your appetite.

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Working out how much glass you need

A handy formula for calculating how much stained glass you need to buy for a project.

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Stained Glass Box

You won't be able to make this chest box in 6 seconds, but it will give you an idea of the steps needed to make it.

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Skilled stained glass artist

Fabrizia Bazzo is a rare breed - a glass artist with both skills and vision. Beautiful work indeed.

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Stained glass landscape to die for

Have you ever been to Yosemite? If so, I bet you haven't seen it looking like this!

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Glass Blowing to Jazz

Settle down with a cup of your favourite drink and enjoy this fabulous glass blowing film and soundtrack. Unbeatable.

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Penny Somerville - Stained Glass Artist

Here's a stained glass artist who uses coloured enamels like paint, with stunning results.

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Dalle de Verre Video

The scale of this Dalle de Verre project is unbelievable! Watch the video and see for yourself...

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Stained Glass Tutorials Pinterest

Here's my 'best of the rest' stain glass instructions on Pinterest. Follow me if you dare!

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Cutting Glass with Scissors Video

Quarter of a million people have watched this youtube video of mine, LOL! Worth a look, but don't give up your cutter just yet :-)

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Polishing zinc came frames

Sometimes it's hard to get your zinc frames black as they don't take patina very well. Here's some suggestions to remedy the situation.

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Cutting circles with a circle cutter

This video shows how to use those glass circle cutters successfully to produce clean circles.

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Smooth solder seams

Someone asked me how to prevent 'choppy' solder seams...

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Stained glass with humour

One of my students - Sarah Ward - made this panel. You could almost drink the orange juice!

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Using A Vintage Plate In Stained Glass

How would I incorporate a vintage plate into stained glass piece? I am attaching a sample of something that I would like to try. I have read from some

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Stained Glass Work Spaces

Have a look at this slideshow of work spaces… you might get some ideas!

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