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Color balancing for stained glass

Check out this helpful tip for balancing the colours perfectly BEFORE soldering - has to be a good idea!

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New Blog

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lots of celebrating to get in today... Thanksgiving and the birth of my new blog.

It's transformed into a place where you can join in and comment. Come on over and see me at the Brand New Everything Stained Glass Blog

Image of fabulous stained glass turkey lamp from http://thaddeusozark.blogspot.co.uk

What IS this?


Not stained glass I know, but inspirational nevertheless.

Hundreds and hundreds of starlings flying together in one of their amazing murmurations. Taken by photographer Paolo Patrizi, these are truly spectacular.

There's more of his images here if you love them as much as I do.

I'd love to see such a sight. But until then, I can imagine making a stained glass window that somehow captures the movement and shapes. Do you think it's possible?

Photo: Paolo Patrizi

Misty Morning

Cutting Measurement

A gorgeously calm image to take you through the weekend... it's called 'Through The Mist'.

I love the subtlety of the different blues, they really evoke that misty atmosphere of an early morning light. And the fading away into the distance gives the scene a sense of depth.

Anne's use of foil overlay is spectacular. It looks like she's used it on the back of the panel, too (the ghostly trunks on the horizon).

All together a love panel, I hope you agree!

By Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio.


Cappy Thompson

It's that time of year again... well, nearly. Near enough to share this amazing reverse glass painting with you.

It's by the Seattle glass artist Cappy Thompson, and is typical of her style. There's always a mythical quality to her work, and also lots of fun. Her sense of humour is always evident.

This one is called Choir of Angels, and is 21" X 64", so fairly wide. So wide in fact that even the photo is nearly off my web page...

If you like this kind of work and would like to see more, go to Cappy's page here. See you there!

Flippity Flop

Summer Fun

Have you ever seen any glass thing that's so much fun?! Makes me smile every time I look at it, especially now autumn and the dark nights are drawing in.

They're fused glass - perfectly precise - with the lolly stick and flip flop plastic 'bits' (what are they called?!) added at the end. Brilliant imagination and a sense of humour, Ruth should go far!

By Ruth Shelley, a glass artist based in Cardiff, UK.

Agate rules

Hanging Panel

How about this for a lovely idea? Get a slice of beautiful agate from your stained glass supplier, and incorporate it into a panel, just like this artist has.

I love the choice of colours together, but also the different areas of activity. Lots of things 'happening' around the agate, and then large areas around the edge where the glass is speaking for itself.


Sorry about the HUGE image, don't know what happened there... at least you can see it properly!

Daisies, anyone?

Walter Crane window

What do you think about the Michaelmas daisies here? I love the painted detail and find them really cheerful. They're part of a larger set of stained glass windows at the Church of the Ark of the Covenant in Clapton, designed by Walter Crane.

If you flick through the slide show you'll see some more fantastic flowery stained glass. Quite free and spontaneous.

Photo by Barbara Rich.

Thailand Caught In Stained Glass


Just as medieval stained glass was used to tell bible stories, contemporary glass can help us understand things about our world we don't yet know.

Take this screen by Stephen Jepson, for example. As a Canadian ex-patriate, Jepson has adapted the craft to describe aspects of life and culture in Thailand.

And a very interesting screen it is, too! Lots of action and fire from the dragon, and threatening power from the beautifully crafted tiger in the left hand corner.

A lot of work went into this screen. What would you put in a screen to describe your homeland? A tricky question isn't it?!

Driving along in my automobile...


What say you to driving along in THIS fabulous car?!

Artists Stuart Langley and Matt Sayle decided to honour both the art of stained glass and the Angel of the North in Gateshead by making it into a car windscreen. Not the most practical idea, but very entertaining and fun.

If you want to see some photos of artist Anthony Gormley's Angel of the North sculpture, you can see how clever this car is. Wouldn't like to drive it down the highway, though!

B & B Solitude Panels

I made these for a friend's Bed and Breakfast sitting room. They came out beautiful! Milly's comments: What a great idea! Bet it makes the b&b guests

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Gentle Green Giant

Green Man

Aw, this is a great Green Man, one of the nicest I've seen. It's made by stained glass artist Jude Tarrant.

I love the way the tree is part of the nose and forehead. And those eyes! Very gently. Some lovely glass painting here, to get the flowing feel of the tree.

If you like the look of this you can see more of Jude Tarrant's work here.

Woody Woodpecker

Beep Beep

I don't think I've ever seen such an amusing stained glass lamp as this one! At 18 inch tall and 24 inches wide, 'Woody' is enormous, too! Quite a presence in your living room.

Made by artist Buzz Baxter, it really gives us an idea of what we could do if we pushed the idea of 'stained glass lamp' to its limits.

You fancy designing one for your house? Absolutely stunning.

Beautiful Mosque Stained Glass


Fabulous and luxurious stained glass from Iran. Apparently stained glass was seen as a good deterent for mosquitoes.

I love geometric windows, probably because I could never contemplate doing something so neat and orderly myself!

Here's a panoramic photo of Nasir Al Mulk Mosque - I've never seen anything quite as colourful as this. Treat yourself, have a peek !


Dramatic Stained Glass

Just thought you might be going to the theater this weekend? This fantastic window is part of a large scheme, and is by Tom Holdman Studios.

It's at the Scera Theater in Utah. I think I might have trouble concentrating on the stage, with these windows to look at. Love the formal border, with each discipline - here dance and theatre - taking centre stage, as it were!

This guy does some fabulous work. There's lots more on his website here.

Have a good weekend looking at his work!


Leaves, too

This is a fabulous first piece from a woman called Susie White, made at Aanraku Glass Studios. Called 'Tropical Bamboo', it was reinforced and made into a skylight.

I love the design, it's both delicate and realistic. And as a skylight it must let a lot of light in, but at the same time throw some lovely shapes on the floor.

The use of clear glass is inspired, as it makes the different shapes of the leaves stand out, and doesn't overwhelm with colour.

I also like the way the design 'goes off the edges', which makes me think that there's more foilage and bamboo outside.

Have you ever made a design that seems to continue outside the frame of the window? It's a really useful design trick, you might want to give it a go!

Last Days Of Summer

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Look at this great piece by Everything Stained Glass visitor Harriet Joeckel. Brilliant eh? She made this after just 5 two hour classes. Pretty impressive, eh?

It actually has a bit of an ongoing story... Harriet hung it up from picture wire that went around the two hooks... (I think you know where this is going) and then the picture wire gave way, and bang! It fell to the ground and lots of pieces were broken.

Luckily, Harriet is able and determined enough to fix it.

So, the next piece you do, make sure you use two lengths of chain, two hooks, with the chain vertical up from each hook. Then if one breaks, the other will save it.

Stained Glass Dome

By Arte Vitral CXA

My oh my, this is a delight. I love the way the birds are visible in the day, and, as they fly into the night sky, they become silhouettes.

What about the mixture of the geometric at the top and the bottom, and the organic flowing movement of the birds in the middle. Do you think this works?

For me, it works really well. It seems like the geometric pattern represents the building, the man-made, and the sky and birds represent nature and its' beauty.

If you like this contrast and think it works, try mixing geometric with more flowing, organic shapes in your next project. See what effects you get.

There is an absolute ton of fantastic images to see on their Facebook page, so take a trip over there, pronto!

Firing old glass with patina

I collect, among many, many other things, old glass. From nearly perfect whole bottles and jars to tiny broken bits, what draws me to them is usually a

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