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These stained glass instructions show you how to make and solder hooks on to a zinc frame. It uses a simple, nearly invisible method of hanging that shows off your beautiful stained glass in the best possible light.

Now you've made the zinc frame and soldered it to your panel, you need something to hang it from. The hooks in this stained glass instruction are made from recycled copper wire stripped from electrical wiring. Alternatively, you can buy ready made rings, or use spools of tinned or copper wire.

What You Need

tools for adding hooks to zinc frame

Tools for adding hooks to a zinc frame

60/40 solder, flux, soldering iron and stand, wet sponge for cleaning tip, Q-tips or cheap brush to apply the flux, copper wire (either bought or recycled), needle nose pliers and wire cutters.

Adding Hooks To Stain Glass

1. Making the hooks

These discreet hooks are going to follow the 45 degree angle at the corner of your panel instead of the more usual circular hoops.

making stained glass hooks with pliers

Bend copper wire to make two hooks for your stained glass

- Cut off a length of copper wire with wire cutters
- Using the pliers, bend it into a U-shape
- Measure the length needed by putting it over the top corner of your panel
- Cut off the excess

2. Instruction for tinning hooks

This both strengthens the wire and stops the copper from corroding.

tinning stained glass hooks

Tinning stained glass wire hooks

- Flux each hook
- Add stained glass solder to your iron tip
- Holding the hook with the pliers, cover it on both sides with a thin coating of solder

3. Attaching the hooks

- Balance or hold the hook over the top corner at a 45 degree angle
- Melt a bit of solder on top

attaching hooks to stain glass panel

Soldering the hook on to the zinc frame

- Hold the iron over it for a couple of seconds to smooth it out
- Turn over and do the same to the other side
- Hold the panel vertically and neaten up the area carefully with a corner of the iron tip
- Repeat the steps above for the opposite corner

two hooks on stained glass

Hooks neatly attached at 45 degree angle

That's it! Now you're ready for the final step Go to the patina and polishing instruction to finish off your panel.




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