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decorative soldering on butterfly edge
Decorate your sun catcher edges

Are you confident with soldering but feel the need for a challenge?
Here's one just for you!
With help from this video you can transform the look of your free-form stained glass, wow your friends and stand out from the Etsy crowd.
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cutting glass video lessons
Start cutting art glass today

Beginners, take control of your cutter and lose yourself in making with these videos.
Make and run your first score, cut straight lines and move on to advanced inside curves. And everything in between!
You'll learn the skills to cut glass confidently and be ready to tackle your first glass project.
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video training on stained glass cutting
Expand your glass cutting skills

Cutting how you always cut doesn't mean it's the most precise method.
Improvers, with help from this training you'll master 3 ways to cut glass shapes accurately, enjoy the challenge of 'difficult' glass and - best of all - feel willing to give any pattern a try!
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using glass grain in stained glass
Learn to cut using art glass grain

You can cut glass just fine but you can't figure out how to use the swirls and grain to make your pieces 'sing'.
With guidance from these videos you'll learn 4 ways of cutting with the grain, lift your work to another artistic level and have the confidence to do those lovely swirls justice!
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Milly's Free Videos

cutting green stained glass

You know when you're halfway through making a score and you suddenly hit a little snag in the glass that stops your cutter wheel in its' tracks? What do you do? Click here to rescue a score with confidence

2 score lines on glass

The key to a perfect cutting score is not a mystery. The trick is to press only as hard as you need. Here's a nifty test to help you to use the correct pressure when making a score. Click here to use the right cutting pressure

hands holding pistol grip cutter

Are you holding your cutter in the way that suits you best? Take control of your cutter and build confidence with your cutting with this 2 minute video

blue swirly stained glass

You've made the score and you just can't separate the glass. What do you do? You can't go over it again and you don't want to waste the glass. Help! Click here to learn how to use the tapping technique to separate glass

prising open blue glass with breaking pliers

You're confident with tapping a score open on straight scores, but what about when it's a piece with a narrow neck and an inside curve?! Watch how to tap open a tricky cut it in this 2 minute video

tapping score line with glass cutter

The last of 3 in the 'Tapping Open A Score' series. This 2 minute video shows how to tap apart glass on a delicate 'S' shaped piece of art glass. Wish me luck!

cutting blue glass circle with scissors

It can't be possible. Can it? Join in the fun with me as I give you PROOF that you can cut stained glass with a pair of regular scissors. Not true? Then click here to believe your eyes

blue circle of glass after circle cutter

If you're thinking about purchasing a circle cutter but are anxious about buying yet another tool that gathers dust, this video will get you cutting circles in 5 minutes. No more misshapen suns for you!

yellow glass circle cut without circle cutter

Circles are gentle shapes that add a lovely organic feel to a stained glass panel. With Milly's help you can learn to cut a perfect circle with just a cutter and a pair of grozing pliers. You don't even need a grinder.

making jump rings with recycled wire

Stained glass doesn't have to mean mega-bucks. There are lots of tips that can help reduce the amount you spend on tools and materials. Click here to see 5 cost saving tricks for stained glass




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